Don’t Fumble, Trust The Bundle

Friends provide you with unconditional love, companionship, advice and sometimes a good slap in the face when you need it and they, themselves, are undoubtedly the best gift possible. But let’s be real, sometimes you’re just so full of love and appreciation for them that finding the perfect present to show them your endless appreciation becomes totally overwhelming. That’s where we come in!

Flowers tend to be the go-to for any gift-giving occasion, but while friendships may bloom like flowers, they tend to be a lot more enduring (or so you’d hope) so perhaps give them a gift that, like your support, doesn’t have an expiration date.

At the core of it, you know what your friends like and what they need. Whether they need a bundle full of chocolate (and only chocolate) for “emergencies”, a bunch of self-care items or a gentle reminder that it’s time for a shave - you know them.

As for the person who appears to have everything, give them the gift of time. You can’t exactly slow down the clock or turn back time (or have a bit of a Cher moment) but you can give a gentle reminder that stopping to breathe and take care of themselves is an important part of every day. Encourage them to take 15 minutes to do a face mask while enjoying a cup of tea, or help them stay organised with a colourful checklist and throw in a cheeky martini or two (be sure to let them know there’s “one for me and one for you”).

Avoiding a gifting blunder is easy; let’s be honest - you know your friends better than we do, but let us lend a helping hand (while also making you a #GIFTHERO)!

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