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Monogram Everything.

For years the notion of making use of gifting services has always seemingly been indicative of a level of distance between or lack of understanding of who you’re buying for. It’s always seemed impersonal and rather generic, something that absolutely no one wants the gifted party to think. Here, at The Bundle, we’ve aimed to do a complete 180 and flip that image on its head. One way in which we’ve done this is by allowing you to inject as much personality and substance into each bundle! That’s why when you add the Moleskine Cahir notebook (link to product) to your bundle you also have the option of adding a luxurious and chic monogram detail to the cover. Because, really,...

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Don’t Fumble, Trust The Bundle

Friends provide you with unconditional love, companionship, advice and sometimes a good slap in the face when you need it and they, themselves, are undoubtedly the best gift possible. But let’s be real, sometimes you’re just so full of love and appreciation for them that finding the perfect present to show them your endless appreciation becomes totally overwhelming. That’s where we come in! Flowers tend to be the go-to for any gift-giving occasion, but while friendships may bloom like flowers, they tend to be a lot more enduring (or so you’d hope) so perhaps give them a gift that, like your support, doesn’t have an expiration date. At the core of it, you know what your friends like and what...

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4 Australian Products That Are Totally Trending

We consider ourselves very lucky that we are constantly seeing brands and products evolve and develop to suit our every want and need. Not only does this provide excitement as a consumer, but it also allows us to support these upcoming businesses and products. Being born and bred in Australia we have a constant love for our Australian brands. These days its extremely rare to NOT find exactly what you are looking for on our very own Australian land. There are literally thousands of bespoke products, but below you will find four favourites that we currently stock for our own bundles.     Broadsheet Cookbook  The first Broadsheet Cookbook for Melbourne beautifully captures the most iconic dishes and architectural restaurants...

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