These guys raise the bar!

Nobody can say no to a little celebratory drink that the working day is over, but there’s nothing worse than having a sip of that $3 house wine that sends burning pain down your throat until you slowly feel it burn your stomach lining! Not to mention it tastes like you’ve just gotten a bit of acid and skulled it! We’ve decided to save you feeling like a Cyclops shivering zombie and recommend some carefully made products (that we also stock!) that will leave you wanting more. 

(Image via Zonzo)

Zonzo Cabernet Sauvignon - Zonzo Estate is situated within (our favourite) the Yarra Valley. I dare you to tell us one wine you’ve tasted from the Yarra Valley that doesn’t satisfy! Zonzo have been perfecting their magic for a couple of years now. Along with their delicious tasting notes of bright cases, berry fruits, tobacco lead and spice, their packaging is also something you can’t help but look twice at – resembling those times you couldn’t believe how hot you looked when walking past that big shop window. I must admit, being a designer myself, it was love at first sight for me and the Zonzo packaging. Bottled in a beautiful black bottle, with Zonzo branding embossed out of the bottle itself, the label features gold foil and is topped with a perfect black wax top – setting the bar very high for what’s inside, and let me tell you - It does not disappoint!

Everleigh Manhattan & Martini - The Everleigh Bottling Co., founded by Michael Madrusan, was created to provide those who love The Everleigh bar with the opportunity to enjoy their favourite classics at home, with friends and on the go. Who hasn’t wished for their very own Mixologist? Everleigh has answered all our prayers! These cocktails are of the exact same standard to those made over the bar, this is no surprise as they are prepared by a team packaging each individual cocktail by hand-in-house at The Everleigh bar. Again, I have to say, their packaging reeled me in and sealed the deal with their incredible taste. Another winning fact is that they last indefinitely if stored in the fridge, no need to worry about over-purchasing – GO NUTS!

(Image via Four Pillars)

Four Pillars – Let the evening beGIN! Four Pillars is a small Australian distillery in Healesville, Yarra Valley (told you – nothing but good produce found here!). Four Pillars make an Australian twist on gin capturing flavours from around the globe. This gin ain’t no ordinary gin, it’s had almost as many hits as Elvis winning awards at a number of prestigious international spirit competitions, including Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in both 2016 and 2014. If that hasn’t sold you, go take a look at their crib in the Yarra Valley and the beauty of their copper pot stills made especially for them in Germany. You’ll want to hide behind the large circular windows and make it your home! 

So there you have it, we’ve saved you some long nights burning your throat and given you the best of the best! You don’t even have to step outside your door you can just add them to your bundle. You can thank us later ;)

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