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simple for you, thoughtful for them

We create a gifting experience by building, customising and branding your corporate gift in a unique way.


The Bundle Collective is a bespoke gifting service aiming to bring the authenticity back into gifting by being personal and remaining relevant. We pride ourselves on the ability to adapt and customise our carefully curated products to meet your needs.

Founded by Brianna Russo, she had the want to bring happiness, a sense of fun and 'non boring corporate gifting'. Her design and marketing background ensure no details are missed. From speciality products to beautifully designed packaging, your receiver of the bundle will be sure to enjoy a complete experience.


  • We are your gifting concierges.
  • We provide gifts for product launches, events, media drops, client retention
  • We create a marketing gifting strategy based around your campaign
  • We completely customise branded gifts
  • We distribute the gifts as your promotional staff
  • We increase your exposure on social platforms with the 'Instagram Worthy' gifts

how it works

1. Briefing

We work with you to understand your customers and tailor to them so you can show them you care!

2. Sourcing

We spend sleepless nights buzzing with ideas and contacting the most amazing suppliers in the world to find you exclusive and unique products.

3. Creating

We swap and match the products we’ve sourced into bundles that work together logically, aesthetically and within your budgets. We customise the bundles and packaging elements to compliment your brand.

4. Presenting

After much anticipation, we present you with our mind- blowing ideas and work with you to refine them until they are absolutely perfect!

5. Executing

We work our magic and bring the fantasy to life! We even have them delivered to every door.


Some of the brands we've worked with...

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